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Mystical Paradise | Acrylic Flow Original | 11x14 inches | Stretched Canvas |

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Mystical Paradise is an abstract acrylic flow original painting by AliaS. It is one of a kind, so add this unique piece of art to your collection or gift this to a special person in your life.

The original painting has the artist’s signature on the back and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

- 11x14 inches
- hand painted
- painted on 100% cotton canvas
- acrylic fluid paints
- acrylic gloss varnish added to protect against uv damage
- unframed

1) Painting
2) Certificate of Authenticity

1) Will be shipped in a cardboard box
2) Sealed inside a protective plastic resealable sleeve
3) Then will be wrapped in bubble wrap to protect against moisture
4) Cardboard backing will be placed on the top and bottom and secured with packing tape
5) Extra space will be filled with bubble wrap to ensure very little room is left for movement or shifting during shipping
6) A "handle with care" sticker will be placed atop of package

I am a self taught abstract artist. I created AyaAi to share my love of art. Each piece of artwork has been hand painted and designed me. I hope you explore, share and enjoy each piece.

Follow my art journey on instagram ayaaiart